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Expiring Domains

You may never have considered trying to obtain an expired domain but they are often the best quality domains for the cost of acquisition.

Domains are only owed if the renewal fees paid. There are a considerable number of domains that are not renewed an average over 1,000 .uk domains expire each day.

About 98% of expired domains become available to be registered either 92 (if No registrar listed) or 99 days after they expire.

Once you find a domain a domain that is going to expire you could check if it becomes available using a Whois website e.g. Then when it becomes available register the domain with or similar.

But before you get all excited and hope to catch your premium domain you should be aware there are over 50 domain catching organizations that may try to capture any generic/quality domains and they have automated processes to try to register the domain for between every 1.5 minutes to every 0.2 seconds (yes that’s checking 5 times a second) so they have a very good chance at registering the domain you want.

So if you want to stand a chance of capturing a .uk domain on expiry consider using a “Domain Catching Service” there are several to check out.